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The Apocalypse

Prepare your citizens for possible catastrophes. What's this about? It's about white leaders proving to Native Americans, that they are not their brothers and sisters. White leaders are enraged. I recently made a video titled "Parkdale: Ghetto of Great Falls, Montana." Click Here To Watch Parkdale: Ghetto of Great Falls, Montana. It has increased whites hate and rage. This must be taken very seriously by all non whites. It tells me white leaders want catastrophes to happen. Non white leaders throughout earth must take action. We have been warned not to trust whites. Them whites will be deceptive.


There is a computer and internet conspiracy that needs to be policed. Bill Gates is part of that conspiracy. Bill Gates may not be within those that controll this computer and internet conspiracy. However, he's a part of it. Don't let him live again. My computer is being constantly violated by Bill Gates Windows. I and incredible numbers of other people, are innocent victims of this computer and internet conspiracy. This is a message to a non white entity from the future. That be a thousand or so years from now or 2018, place your detectives in this era or 2018. Find out who is controlling this computer and internet conspiracy. I have no idea who controls this computer and internet conspiracy nor if it is even being controlled be entities from this era or 2018. My facebook pages, websites and youtube channels are being violated. I have put in a lot of work on my facebook pages, websites and youtube channels, only to have them violated. I'm not the only person who has to deal with this problem. When you find the culprits, their punishment will be the most extreme. They can live again. However, it will be in hell. Not the hell they think of. They don't know what hell is. Hell is not a place. It's what happens to criminals. They burn your skin off then regrow new skin. They do it several times a day for eternity. That's hell. Back off or accept your fate. Leave my computer alone. I mean it. Stop the "Windows Update." Were not stupid. We know you control computers by using "Windows Update." You have lied to the public about computers being violated. The only people volating computers is your entity. You are so full of greed and selfishness, you demand money from innocent people so their computers or Windows, can be defended from how you violate them. This is another message to that non white entity from the future. That be a thousand or so years from now or 2018. Commence launching retaliation campaigns long before this time period or 2018 and long after this time period or 2018. You are going to pay for your crimes. You don't violate computers than turn around and demand money to defend computers from your evil intentions or from how you violate computers. Commence killing their kinfolk.

A non white entity from the future, needs to know my predicaments concerning internet media. I've deleted my facebook pages except one. My websites will stay online. To give you insight to this invasion of privacy, I've created 1,000s of pages for my websites yet only get 50 to 100 clicks on a daily average. There are websites online that have only 30 to 40 pages yet they get 1,000s of clicks each day. I don't trust what their doing to my youtube channels. If they are violating my youtube channels and websites, increase retaliation programs. They are going to leave me alone. I'll commence advertising offline again. If they intrude, increase retaliation programs with a vengeance. I will not tolerate Genocide. My goal is to promote my Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians. All the forced relocations have to be aligned in order to bring them back under one rule or one government. Facebook pages are an excellent way of advertising yet they have made those pages extremely corrupt. I had no choice. I had to delete those facebook pages because most people are either not interested or they don't know how to navigate facebook pages. Of course, I'm referring to writing comments and replies. I'm using other shrewd ways of preventing whites from killing off or exterminating innocent people.

Place your detectives in the era of King Richard III. He orchestrated the August 20 conspriacy or rebellion. British People don't know that King Richard III is responsible for the British Empire. Find your disguises and kill King Richard III. Henry VII took part in this conspiracy. His father was Owen Tudor who was a Chamber Servant. He was Queen Catherine's 2nd husband. Henry VII was barred from inheriting the British crown. What happened in 1485, was an orchestrated military plan to invade the America's. King Richard III planned for a battle to exlude John de la Pole. It didn't go as planned because we killed King Richard III who orchestrated the Battle of Bosworth Field or the August 20 Rebellion. He selected Henry VII because he didn't want to battle John de la Pole who was his nephew or a rightful heir to the British throne. He wanted him out of the way and so did John de la Pole or John de la Pole conspired with King Richard III and Henry VII. King Richard III possibly designated John de la Pole heir to the throne. We know that isn't true however. The Poe's were hated in England during those times and yet are. Henry VII was suppose to lose the Battle of Bosworth Field. We made certain he would win. We also killed John de la Pole and many of the other Poe's who sided with the Tudors. We will find those responsible for what happened in the America's and elsewhere and kill them for Crimes Against Humanity.

After four days, they corrected this problem caused by them baby killing cowardly white gods from a future era. This has been preordained by them and i do not forget nor will i forgive. No one likes being a victim of crimes. Owner of this trailer park does keep his promise or his part of the bargain. Sometimes it takes him time to fix what needs fixing. Were poor folks here and he does well managing this park that's been preordained.

The Anishinabe Nation

This website is intended to help educate Anishinabe People about our great history that whites are doing their utmost to rob from the mighty Native American. Unfortunately, a great majority of present day Anishinabe People, will accept a history that whites have fabricated for them. However, we have history books which were written in 19th century, which can help present day Anishinabe People, understand our great history. One is William W. Warren's 19th century book "History of the Ojibway People," while another is Peter Jones 19th century book History of the Ojebway Indians. To understand those two 19th century books, you must read Story of Atlantis. If you do not, you will not understand them. They will baffle you. Warren tells Anishinabe People that they lived along Missouri River indispersed among other native tribes. They ruled them. They warned those tribes about a coming invasion of whites, which is mentioned in Seven Fires Prophecy, which there is more information about below. Warren also tells Anishinabe People that they already had that Hebrew bible amongst them long before whites invaded. He also tells Anishinabe People about a close resemblance between Anishinabe People and Hebrews.

Jones tells Anishinabe People who they are. According to Peter Jones, these following groups of Anishinabe People spoke a same language. They are these following: A-ben-a-ki; Al-gon-quin; A-rap-a-ho; Blackfoot; Cheyenne; Chip-pe-wa; Cree; Delaware; Gros Ventre; Il-li-ni; In-nu; Kick-a-poo; Ma-hi-can (Jones called them Mohegan); Ma-li-seet; Me-nom-in-ee; Mi-am-i; Mis-sis-sau-ga (Jones group); Mon-tag-nais; Mun-see; Na-ka-we; Nan-ti-coke; Nip-is-sing; No-quet; O-da-wah (Ot-ta-wa); O-ji-bwa; O-ji-bway; O-ji-bwe; Pas-sa-ma-quod-dy; Pen-ob-scot; Pot-a-wat-o-mi; Saulteau; Sauk; and Shaw-nee. Jones claimed that when they came together, some of them at first had difficulties understanding each other but after a short while they were fully capable of speaking with each other. They were united in one nation as a result of Seven Fires Prophecy. They took those predictions seriously and it was, in fact, Seven Fires Prophecy which kept Anishinabe People united in one nation. Blackfoot People are among oldest of Anishinabe People. They have lived out west for as long as 1,000 years and possibly as long as 1,300 years. Blackfoot People also have Reservations in North Dakota and South Dakota. They are Standing Rock Reservation and Cheyenne River Reservation, which are really a same Reservation. White historians claim they are Dakota but that is a lie. There are four Algonquian Tribes in California who are obviously Anishinabe. They are the Wappo, Wiyot, Yuki, and Yurok. They are probably Anishinabek who have lived out west longest, or Salish and Wakashan People are.

According to 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia, Athabascan People are Ojibway. They knew during those times (1830's), that Ojibway People came up from a southwestern location then western location later, and forced their way to Atlantic Oceans shores. They took control of land from Missouri River to Atlantic Ocean. They did not exterminate those tribes native to North America's eastern shores. They forced them to migrate west to North Mexico. That be Mexico before English whites brought North Mexico under their control. Today, that location or North Mexico, is now Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. After Ojibway People reached east of Lake Superior or St. Lawrence River, they sent large numbers of their soldiers and their families, north to Hudson Bay then to Beaufort Sea or Arctic Ocean. They gave rise to Athabascan People and Cree People. They were sent to Hudson Bay and Beaufort Sea, to fight invading Eskimos and their white allies.

Arapaho (that includes Gros Ventre) and Cheyenne People, are also (southern) Black River and Swan Creek Chippewa's who commenced an exodus towards Kansas-Oklahoma in 1838-1839. Thus, a reason for Black River and Swan Creek Chippewa's of Montana and Kansas and Oklahoma. After reaching Kansas-Oklahoma, many Black River and Swan Creek Chippewa's fled up to Montana and many more fled to Mexico. Jones also tells Anishinabe People that generations before his time (mid 19th century) Anishinabe People were fighting a war against Flathead Indians in western Montana. You can google Peter Jones 19th century book "History of the Ojebway Indians" and download it for free. However, you can click a link further above on this page to download his book. Be patient! That download will take time if your internet connection is a slow one. Read chapter titled "Language" and chapter titled "War." In 1973, Anishinabe People of Montana attempted to sue United States for illicitly eradicating their huge Montana Reservation. Montana Anishinabe ogimak (leaders) wanted compensation but whites ruled that Anishinabe People were not native to Montana and did not show up to live in Montana until late 19th century. Them whites claimed that there was no historical information that Anishinabe People have been in Montana before mid 19th century. Them whites are conspiring to rob Anishinabe People of their history and it is because of Seven Fires Prophecy.

There are other groups of Anishinabe People who have had their nationality stolen from them. They include Cherokee and all other Iroquois Tribes including them Tuscarora. Both Cherokee and Tuscarora, claimed they originally lived north. Cherokee claimed they originally lived near them Great Lakes. Either just before whites invaded or shortly after whites invaded, Anishinabe ogimak sent large numbers of their soldiers southeast or what is now southeastern part of United States. They did so to defend Indian land. Southern Anishinabe People are Cherokee, Lumbee, Powhatan, and Tuscarora. Out west, many more Anishinabe People live but they have been robbed of their nationality. Caddoan Tribes are obviously Anishinabe. Click here to learn about them. All Colonies, Rancherias, and Reservations established after 1887 out west, are Anishinabe. Read Seven Fires Prophecy. In 1887, United States passed that illicit Dawes Act which eradicated huge Reservations in western part of United States. Afterwards, those Anishinabe People who continued to follow Seven Fires Prophecy, commenced an exodus which brought them mainly to California.

Click This Link To Read Seven Fires Prophecy

Uto-Aztecan Language (Shoshonean) Family

These people are obviously partially Anishinabe and non Anishinabe Indian. When their first diaspora occurred around 1,000 years to 1,500 years ago, Anishinabe Soldiers split up into three groups. One went northwest to Alaska then Asia. Another went straight westward. Then another went southwest. I will focus on groups of Anishinabe Soldiers and their families, who went straight west and southwest. They forced their way to Pacific Oceans Coastline. They also forced their way down into what are now Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Other States they brought under their control include California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. They then also forced all of Mexico, Central America, and western South America under their control. To learn about these people who are an admixture of Anishinabe and Uto, click here.

Algonquian-Salishan-Wakashan Language Family

They refer to Algonquian-Salishan-Wakashan language relationship, as being an Algonquian-Wakashan language family. Salishan and Wakashan Indians, are obviously partially Anishinabe. Anishinabek at all locations out west, have been forced by whites to lose their tribal identity. Anishinabe Soldiers subjugated most (not all) of these western Indian Tribes, around 1,000 years ago to 1,500 years ago. Click here to learn more about these people who are an admixture of Anishinabe and Salishan-Wakashan.


Where are those Indian Nations who once lived along Atlantic Oceans eastern coast? They are Mexicans who live in United States and also in northern Mexico. Following prophecy, Anishinabe Soldiers forced those Indian Nations who once lived along Atlantic Oceans eastern coast, to migrate elsewhere. Most probably fled to South America but many fled to Mexico and Central America. Many fled to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Colorado. Today, they are Mexicans who live in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. They are quite numerous. They have been robbed of their nationality by whites and will never accept being a Native American who originally lived in United States.

Anishinabe Language

It has been corrupted by whites. Why would whites corrupt their language? There are Anishinabe People living in Africa, Asia, and Europe as well as in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Today, there are several major dialects of a fabricated Anishinabe Language, and many more dialects existing in each of those dialects of Anishinabe. By far, Cree dialect of Anishinabe, has most speakers (around 100,000). Next are these: Ojibwe with 28,825; North Ojibwe or Severn Ojibwe (aka Oji-Cree) with 13,630; Algonquin with 1,660; Ottawa with 601; Potawatomi with ?; Western Ojibwe or Nakawe (aka Saulteaux) with ? Anishinabe Language is dying out. You can't learn how to speak Ojibway because whites have corrupted this language so disgracefully. You can try and learn Anishinabe yet you'll quickly find out you can't.

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