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The Future Must Intervene

Premeditated Crimes Patrol

I don't want to deal with criminals. I'm tired of going through premeditated crime after premeditated crime. You must create a force named "Premeditated Crimes Patrol." They will investigate not only premeditated crimes against me on the internet and off, yet everyone. They will report to their superiors who will then order their soldiers to horrifically punish those responsible for premeditated crimes. Since time travel is involved, it means the families and family trees of those criminals, will be punished as well. We are being ruled by criminals. It will stay that way for a very long time. Our goal is to eliminate civilian rule. We know what happened in the future. We are not stupid. We are going to create a Police State! Those that have premeditated crimes against me and countless other innocent people, have the choice of giving their wealth (money) away to avoid punishment. You can't give me your wealth (money) because I'm jinxed! If your a billionaire, you have to give 95% of your wealth (money) to poor people. If you are worth between $100 million and $1 billion, you have to give 90% of your wealth (money) to poor people! If your worth between $10 million and $100 million, you have to give 75% of your wealth (money) to poor people. Your money must be in "Grant Form." Those receiving your money can't repay you. The grants must be for starting businesses, education of all kinds, healthcare for poor people, home repair for poor people, ect. Today is Tuesday February 9, 2021 at 1:05 a.m. and they are setting off a siren at Black Eagle Falls Dam. They are not excluded from punishment! That's law! All these premeditated crimes I must go through are difficult. What they are doing is not going to change anything and childlike. I know they want me dead! I'm not stupid! They must be severely punished by soldiers from the future time you live in which is 1,000 or so years in the future. If these premediated crimes against me continue, the choices I wrote above are no longer valid. That's law!

They are at it again at Black Eagle Falls Dam sounding off their siren! It's Saturday January 30, 2021. This is another message to a non white entity from far in the future (a thousand or so years from now or 2021). Intensify war against them, their families and their family trees. I have warned them about spying on me and yet they want it to happen. So it's going to happen! I am tired of dealing with computer printers. For nearly 21 fuckin years nothing but "Premeditated Crimes." My HP Deskjet 1010 computer printer is just as bad as any before if not worse. Their Cowardice is degrading to have to deal with. I'm charging them all with "Premeditated Crimes." Since your from far in the future (a thousand or so years from now or 2021) find the entities responsible for these "Computer Printer Premeditated Crimes" and severely punish them. I mean "Severely Punish Them." They can't get away with their "Premeditated Crimes."

They are at it again! Something terrible has set them off today which is Thursday January 21, 2021. This is a message to a non white entity far in the future (1,000 or so years from 2021). Your going to have to do something about them. Something terrible happened that they are taking it out on me. I've done nothing wrong. I'm victim of incredible numbers of premeditated crimes. I told them to use my conception to benefit all humans. Instead they are using it to murder billions of innocent people and rob people. They have set off the siren again at Black Eagle Falls Dam. Intensify war against them. Every time they set the siren off at Black Eagle Falls Dam, you must intensify war against them. It took several hours to print a page today. That's how bad they are. I've been dealing with them violating my printer for almost 21 years. What is their fuckin problem? Why are they so fuckin full of hate? Get them out of my life! I'm tired of all the premeditated crimes I have to go through. I have to deal with Mother Fuckin Baby Killing Cowardly Criminals! Get out of my life! Below is information that will bring to light what is going on. While browsing Facebook, i noticed Ermatingers Facebook page. They were insulting Navajo's who we know are Ojibway. They called them foreigners that should mind their own business. They sounded like they did not want them at Walpole Island! Anyway, i responded to their Civil Strife. What followed is below!

Leah Danielle Ermatinger
You know ALL your information is wrong about Native Indigenous! Especially My Ojibwe!

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Samuel Poe
Leah Danielle Ermatinger I follow prophesy! It's mandatory. Do you know about Seven Fires Prophesy? You have to select your fate! Either accept Genocide or Survival. If you accept Genocide (assimilation into white society which is happening where you live) you will not live again. White leaders don't want nothing to do with non whites! You are not to trust whites. They will fool you! Your responding to the message I wrote about Walpole Island. It looks like your on your way to Genocide. Your going to be exterminated! You are a mixed blood and so am I. We won't accept you! We are determined to reach the future. We have been warned about whites and took action long ago and are sending this war far to a future time era. I will tell you again, we will not accept you! Since you have promoted civil strife, you have already selected your fate! We are going to have to lure the few remaining Ojibway's at Walpole Island, to Ojibway Reserves where they can survive!

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Leah Danielle Ermatinger
Samuel Poe I am not mixed blood and I do not care to join anyone. I have my spouse my two almost adult children and I do not accept you or your narrative. Take care and your communication with me is not wanted. So stop! Flee devil!

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Leah Danielle Ermatinger
Samuel Poe I also think that you are a cop and you know nothing about prophecy but I do. Only difference is I will not share the prophecy I know and you all had plenty of opportunities to learn it but you didn't and I will go to join my people. God bless you.

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Samuel Poe
Leah Danielle Ermatinger I'm going to enforce law using time travel. You made a terrible mistake Leah Danielle Ermatinger! This is a message to a non white entity far in the future, Leah Danielle Ermatinger is charged with "Deception, Desertion and Espionage." I told you we will not accept you because of Civil Strife! Thus, the charge of Espionage! It is now law that you and your family are not allowed to live again. If whites try to bring you back, we will most definitely use force to prevent it. We will, however, have a change of law, if you agree to these terms: become an Atheist; Communist; promote unity among all Ojibway People (I know you don't know who all Ojibway People are) and promote Christianity and Islam as being foul religions which they are. The Cross is really a plane linked with Chemtrails and Crop Dusters (read the Story of Atlantis and learn about the Stream From Heaven The Comes Pouring Down From Heaven Like A Pestilence ) which are causing health issues. I'm a conjurer! We enforce law! There are non white entities far in the future looking out for non whites. It's important that you appease them! You are now being given a chance! Don't screw it up! You don't want to enrage those non white entities from far in the future. They are incredibly advanced.

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Leah Danielle Ermatinger
Samuel Poe I will take my chances, if you message me again I will enforce the law in this realm and have you arrested for harassment. I can see that you are completely insane and again STOP threatening me.

Leah Danielle Ermatinger is bogus! I can't reply to her/his/their hostile comment and this is on my Facebook page. If it was on her/his/their Facebook page, it would be acceptable. However, it's on my Facebook page. It tells me Facebook is in control. I'm going to enforce law using time travel! He/she/they think I'm threatening Ermatinger! I'm warning them about Prophesy! I'm also allowing them the opportunity to live again if they stop being deceitful! Notice how he/she/they told me I'm insane and Flee Devil? I take that as a Racist Slur and Terrorist Threat or what White Baby Killing Cowardly Leaders From The Future Did To Me Back In 1983! They have threatened me with arrest for harassment! This on my Facebook page! Station your soldiers at the entity that controls Facebook. We will find out if Facebook or the entity that controls Facebook, want's to be charged with Cowardice and Desertion during time of war! It's their decision. If they delete my Facebook pages, they must be horrifically punished. We are dealing with Genocide! Go ahead and delete my Facebook pages. Unfortunately, incredible numbers of members of your family trees will be tortured to death in the most brutal and gruesome manners imaginable. That's how serious Genocide is. Below is more information from Facebook:

Samuel, the Story section will be going away on February 28, 2021. We know connecting with your customers is important, so we encourage you to add this info to your
Additional information section instead. Edit Page
This note is published. Edit Note
We Are Followers of Chief Rocky Boy
We have to follow chief Rocky Boy if we are to follow prophecy!

They are referring to my own Facebook page. Not Facebook pages i created about other subjects. I'm not using Facebook to try and make money because i know they won't let me make money! What probably set them off was information about "Premeditated Crimes Patrol" in my story section. I'm very serious about it. I'm a victim of countless Premeditated crimes. I'm not the only one! And there are many people who feel the same way. Premeditated crimes are very serious. So instead of "Premeditated Crimes Patrol," they want me to change it to what they wrote! They (Facebook) have already changed the information from "Premeditated Crimes Patrol" to "Where i Live, Where I'm From and When i Joined." I can't change the information to what they want. My Facebook page has to be about me. It can't be about chief Rocky Boy. I agreed to their rules. What i do (employment) is not easy to understand. However, they know right from wrong. They know i can use the internet for many things including enforcing law which means "Premeditated Crimes Patrol" is authentic. And i already have a Rocky Boy Tribe Facebook page which is making white Indians very angry. This is my birthday gift from whites! It's January 8, 2021 or my birthday. And they are telling me they are going to carry out a Genocidal program! White leaders are suppose to prove to Native Americans, that whites are their brothers and sisters. Instead they are telling Native Americans to get lost or they are going to exterminate them. They are very open about it! BRING IT ON COWARDS! MOTHER FUCKIN BABY KILLERS. YOUR COMING WITH ME! And as for all non whites in the America's, Austrailia, New Zealand and other Pacific Ocean islands, they are going to have to find ways to reach the future on their own. White leaders don't want nothing to do with you. They are Fooling You! Read Seven Fires Prophesy! Christianity and Islam are Deceptive!

Katrina Carl
Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians
JanuduSelttacSry m1aSdh2po gatn a4sooner:oet09SSd AhtM ·
This author is spreading hate. He does not support his fellow Ojibwe

Above is another response from a white Indian. Apparently Katrina thinks i don't support Ojibway People. I'm doing everything I can to stop whites from killing off Ojibway People and Katrina thinks I don't support Ojibway People. The Ojibway People I don't support, are those that know about Seven Fires Prophesy and side with whites. They have been warned by prophesy, they will be destroyed (exterminated) if they don't follow prophesy. I also received another warning from Facebook about video clips they think I stole. I didn't steal them. I bought them or downloaded them from websites that offer free video clips, as long as the video clips owners are acknowledged. If Facebook deletes my Facebook pages which I know they want to because they are Mother Fuckin Cowards, the charge of Cowardice and Desertion will be enforced! Commence finding 1,000's of white leaders from before this time we live in and from far in the future, to be horrically tortured to death. If they do what they did to me in 1983 (I will never forgive them for what they did to me), all of them must be tortured to death. I'm dealing with Mother Fuckin Baby Killing Cowardly Criminals that are scared of me. Not about what I know. It's about what I can do! Do you think I want to deal with Mother Fuckin Baby Killing Cowardly Criminals? I'm doing everything I can to stop them! White leaders are suppose to prove to Native Americans, that whites are the brothers and sisters of Native Americans. Their actions tell me and everyone else that knows what is going on, they don't want nothing to do with Native Americans and all other non whites. Bring it on Facebook! Once Facebook deletes my Facebook pages, lay complete waste to their families and their family trees. I'm not asking for this. I'm dealing with Mother Fuckin Baby Killing Cowardly Criminals. I'm going to enforce law using time travel. I'm the victim. This is a message to a non white entity from far in the future. Station millions of your soldiers underground in England, Japan and the Korean Peninsula. We are going to force them to Cooperate! Their determination to not Cooperate is fuckin up this sick time era we live in. They are so greedy and selfish! They are only thinking of themselves. They are fuckin everything up because of Greed and Selfishness!

This is a message to non white entities from far in the future. It's obvious white leaders are scared of me. I can wage war against them and they know it! Getting rid of me is not going to change what happened! White leaders have had enough. What they don't understand, is they can't change what has happened. I'm not stupid. I know their Baby Killing Descendents are in collaboration with them. I'm very aware of it! It won't change anything! It's assurance to their idiotic ancestors that they are in control which is Deceitful! I'm aware of the time 100's or 1,000's of years ahead of theirs. That's what they are concealing. There's a war going on! Not in that time era ahead of the white leaders intruding into this time era. What i have done has enraged them. They have no choice but to intrude into this time era. It comforts their idiotic ancestors. Intensify your presence in that time era where peace prevails. We are going to force them, to force them, to behave themselves. Telling all non white leaders, they are going to carry out a Genocidal Program in this time era, is only going to make cooperation impossible. I'm trying to cooperate and you can't deny it! Non white leaders of this time era are not to trust white leaders. You have to follow prophesy which tells you not to trust white leaders. Read Seven Fires Prophesy. We already know whites have corrupted Seven Fires Prophesy. I feel sorry for whites! Not just in this sick time era yet also far in the future! They want to get rid of me yet it is not going to change what has happened. I know there are non white entities far in the future looking out for non whites. Read Seven Fires Prophesy! Whites would not have written it! White leaders of this time era, also know there are non white entities in the future looking out for non whites! If you get rid of me, it will upset the future! My intentions are righteous! I will continue to enforce law! We are at the mercy of the future! Thus, why i requested them to intervene. White leaders of this time era, are not behaving themselves! What they did today, was deplorable. I feel sorry for them. When they shut off my electricity, they told me they are going to delete my Social Media Pages. It's absolutely deplorable!

It's getting far worse now. It's January 8, 2021 (my birthday) and I was a victim of another premeditated crime. Northwestern Energy was sent to the trailer court i live in by the entity that rules this country, to shut off the electricity. I called Northwestern Energy to find out what caused it (I already knew) and the lady i talked to got upset with what i know and called the Great Falls, Montana Police Department. They sent 2 cops over. That's how desperate they are. Their descendents are far worse. The Great Falls, Montana Police Department has been increasingly following me. Intensify war against the Great Falls, Montana Police Department using time travel. They are going to learn to stay away from me. As before, do as instructed. They are going to stay away from me. I will not tolerate Genocide. Genocide is very serious! Commence to increase the number of your soldiers underground here in north central Montana. What happened today was a premeditated crime which means it's very serious. Whites of this time, are in collaboration with whites from a future time. Increase the number of your soldiers battling them.

These god dam white cowards are not behaving themselves. They are fucking up my computer today January 4, 2021 for some reason. I don't know what's setting them off. Those fucking idiots at Black Eagle Falls Dam are spying on me again. They just set off a siren again. I'm tired of all the premeditated crimes i have to go through. Intensify war against those mother fuckin idiots at Black Eagle Falls Dam. That means killing their family members and family tree members, using time travel. They obviously don't give a dam. They can care less is how much they care. Find who is violating my computer and torture them to death in the most brutal and gruesome manners imaginable. Of course, that means using time travel to kill their family tree members. They don't understand. What they are doing is premeditated or very serious. Bring it on! Your not getting away with your crimes. The only way your getting away with your crimes is by leaving me alone. I'll tell you again, Stay The Fuck Out Of My Life. By doing so, you will help save your famlies. Stay out of My Life. Your not going to change what has happened. You are going down the wrong road. I'm going through another mother fuckin premeditated crime! I'm trying to upload a video to Facebook and can't select what language to use. In fact, Facebook is rejecting the video because of an error. The Baby Killing Gods are now responsible for what I'm going through. I warned them they will be held accountable. Use soldiers from this time and before this time and from far in the future, to wage war against those Mother Fuckin Baby Killing Cowardly gods. Torture them to death in the most brutal and gruesome manners imaginable. They think so much of themselves, they think they are gods. They are Mother Fuckin Baby Killing Cowardly Criminals. My website is now being far more violated! The behavior of white leaders is getting worse. I know why they are bothered by my website. Intensify war againt them. I'm not asking for this. I have to deal with premeditated crime after premeditated crime. They can either not violate my website or accept war. It's their decision. I'm fed up with dealing with Criminals! In the last year and a half, they have raised my trailer lot payment nearly $80 a month. From $293.80 a month to $370.00 a month. Now the insurance company I've been doing business with for 15 years or longer, has raised my yearly insurance payment from $281.00 a year to $407.00 a year. No one is going to tell me whites are not Cowards. Great Falls Tribune bought Consumers Press here in Great Falls then sent it out of business. Cheap advertising is no longer available in Great Falls. The newspaper in Wolf Point is now out of business and Glacier County now rules Blackfeet Reservation. White leaders are constantly telling me they are going to carry out a Genocidal Program. I will not tolerate Genocide! Commence to target white leaders using time travel to kill them. Torture them to death in the most brutal and gruesome manners imaginable. Completely lay waste to the families of the entity responsible for raising my trailer lot rent and insurance using time travel. Find as many of them and torture them to death in the most brutal and gruesome manners imaginable using time travel. Criminals bring out the worse in law obeying citizens. If white leaders from the future do what they did to me in 1983, incredible numbers of white leaders and civilians must be tortured to death in the most brutal and gruesome manners imaginable using time travel. Kill as many of them as you can. I have to deal with premeditated crime after premeditated crime. We are going to force white leaders to cooperate. It is only getting worse. I don't know how many times i have told white leaders to cooperate! Instead, they tell me to get lost. You don't want to tell me to get lost. I can find you using time travel and kill you. Of course, someone from the future will kill you for me. You have to take that seriously. They not only target you, they kill your family members and your familiy tree members. At this time, in the past and in the future. I strongly advise white leaders to cooperate. Telling this sick world your going to carry out a Genocidal Program is wrong. You are not fooling me and you are not fooling them. You are going to cooperate. This is a message to non white entities far in the future. Find locations in Europe to establish new settlements to house whites living away from Europe. If white leaders carry out a Genocidal Program, we are going to force whites to return to Europe where they belong. I have warned white leaders about this. Either you cooperate or you whites are going back to Europe. There's know if's or but's about it. You are going back to Europe. What does that tell you? We are willing to allow you whites to stay here if you get brave and recognize large Ojibway Reservations! I had to deal with another premeditated crime. Wikiversity.org has their own pedia website. There are many pedia websites. I signed up to create a page about Ojibway People. I did significant work on it, only to have Dave Braunschweig delete my page. I'm going to enforce law. Dave Braunschweig is charged with a premeditated crime which means it is very serious. Since time travel is made use of, you know what to expect Dave. I'm a victim of your premeditated crime Dave! Do you understand that? Your actions have killed many of your relatives. It's not my fault! It's your fault! Don't promote excuses! That's something you whites tend to reach for! I am tired of dealing with Baby Killing Cowardly Criminals. You whites are going down the wrong road. You are not going to defeat me. You can't change what has happened over the last three years! It's degrading knowing the white descendants of whites, lead and protect them. It's not going to change what has happened. You should have stayed out of my life. However, your determination to stop my rise to power was your number one goal. You fucked up! You idiots fucked up!

After investigating Facebook for some time, i suspect Facebook is getting innocent people murdered. Facebook is obviously putting children safety first. However, individual people that have their own Facebook page, are being subject to Facebook diverting them to other people with their own Facebook page. They think it's quite kind of Facebook to do such. It isn't! Though people with their own Facebook page, can prevent posting, they can also allow people with their own Facebook page, to post or comment or reply without requesting to be friends. Women are advertising themselves and that is very deadly! And it's Facebook that is directing this advertising. People with their own Facebook page can advertise without Facebook helping. I strongly advise Facebook to forget about helping people with their own Facebook page meet other people. Serial Killers definitely use Facebook! Women are to be very cautious if they know a man they were directed by Facebook or their own money advertising plans, to meet. If that man works for the government, be extremely careful. He may be a police officer, school principle, from the military, town official or work in town, county, State and Federal government. Be extremely cautious of them. They have their ways of getting out of diffi'cult' accusations. We are going to police Facebook using Time Travel! There have been people murdered because of Facebook. How many have been murdered as a result of Facebook, is only known by the future. And there are other Social Media websites similar to Facebook we are going to police. The future has ways of solving crimes. Of course, time travel is their main weapon they deploy!

Since they will not stop their criminal activity, the entity responsible for violating my website is charged with Cowardice and Desertion during time of War. Their punishment will be the most severe! They can either be Denied an Afterlife or sent to Hell Ward where they will be Tortured to Death for eternity. No other options! Another update! It's getting worse! There's a website online that tracks IP addresses that are known to violate or commit crimes. One IP address in particular is violating my website. It's address is It's a Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit website. You already know the entity that controls that address and all IP addresses with it. Intensify "War" against them! Since time travel is involved, it means their ancestors, them and their descendants can be severely punished. I consider their criminal actions Premeditated which means it's a conspiracy! They must be severely punished! They are violating my website. It's another premediated crime. I know what's setting them off. I'm using my website to enforce law! You already know! I keep telling them to stay away and they refuse. They must be severely punished. It's a premediated crime! My web stats tell me they are very upset. However, we are dealing with Genocide and they don't care. They are using "Threats." Below is an email i received. Read it! Who ever wrote the email is white and a government agent. I'll tell them again, i will not tolerate Genocide! They need an interpreter to understand that! Nearly 200 clicks yesterday and only 5 unique clicks and 17 page views including the 5 unique clicks. If they continue on with their criminal activity, i will have no choice but to charge them with desertion, Cowardice and terrorists threats! Punishment for that is Death. However, you already know what's happened and can enforce punishment. I'll keep track of my websites stats. If it continues I'll contact you again! Notice the date the email was sent!

clint kakakaway
Mon 11/23/2020 3:13 AM

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

On Mon., 23 Nov. 2020 at 1:48 a.m., Samuel Poe

Read Seven Fires Prophesy! You have to select your fate. From your comment, which is extremely hostile, the fate you have selected is Genocide! However, you may not know about Seven Fires Prophesy! On the top of my pages is a nav bar. Click on Ojibway Tribes. Scroll down to Cree. Read the entire page! Cree People are Athabascan Ojibway's. Their real Tribal Name is Beaver Tribe. There are no Cree First Nations in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec! Ojibway People gave rise to Athabascan People including Chipewyan, Copper, Cree and Dogrib People! White Bear Reserve is one of chief Rocky Boy's Reserves. He has many of them. And we know Cree Language is an Ojibway Dialect! Cree People speak Ojibway. 19th century historians let that be known. Do your investigations. My website is for educational purposes. It's strongly influenced by prophesy. Lakota People are also Ojibway. They'll never accept it and it's because of prophesy. If you reply back with a hostile reply, i will enforce law using time travel. Seven Fires Prophesy is very real! We took action long ago as a result of prophesy and are sending this war far to a future time era. People from far in the future have warned Ojibway People about whites. We know it's correct!

From: clint kakakaway
Sent: Saturday, November 21, 2020 12:20 AM
To: samuel-poe@hotmail.com
Subject: uour dumb web page

I read your stupid take on my reserve and can't get over your stupidity. ocean man and pheasants rump are cree and Lakota. they are sioux people with extensive family down into the northern US states. take your dumb web page down you dummy. this white bear first nations made up of saulteaux Assiniboine cree and sioux. we signed treaty 2 then treaty 4 in 1878. get your facts straight

I'm very concerned about what is going on now at Ojibway Reservations. I recently tried calling several Ojibway Reservations to negotiate the Rocky Boy Tribe's involvement at them. Every phone call either did not answer or had an automated response. I then called Browning's police department to ask what's going on and was told everyone at Blackfeet Reservation was told to stay home or they could not leave their homes which i know is a lie! White towns are very active yet people at Ojibway communities are supposedly told to stay inside. Investigate what is actually going on and enforce laws if they are in pretend mode! White communities with populations of 10,000's of people, are functioning as usual minus certain exceptions such as drive thru only, ect. This is very disturbing! If leaders of Ojibway Reservations are receiving large sums of money or far more money than their normal salaries, the law must be enforced. They must be severely punished. From what i can tell, conditions where i live are near normal. Many business owners are angry yet most are open for business, with strict rules. If government offices refuse to answer phone calls, than certainly there is a cover-up. All government offices must stay open. During times of disasters, it's mandatory for government offices to remain open. If they didn't, citizens would become very agitated and protest.

We are going to Police the Internet (They Want To Be Horrically Punished)

Another update! Dramatically intensify war against the entity responsible for the internet. Use horrific torture on them, their families, their descendants and their ancestors. They are not behaving themselves. It's getting worse. Those responsible for the internet have to prepare for what's going to happen. Since time travel is involved, they may not take notice of this war in action. As long as you keep on violating my internet connection, this war will continue to intensify. You can't change what i have done in the past three years. Even with Your Baby Killing White Descendants trying to make it appear everything is normal. It isn't. It's very obvious to people that know right from wrong. Your Baby Killing White Descendants involvement is degrading. Their involvement is not going to change anything. What it's doing is telling those that know what's going on, something horrible has happened. I don't know what happened yet i know something horrible happened. It was so traumatic, it forced your Baby Killing White Descendants to get involved. An update! God dam white cowards are at it again. They are now violating my cell phone and my computer. I feel sorry for them. Dramatically increase the already dramatically increased war against those filthy scumbags Christians! I'm not asking for them (they are baby killing cowardly criminals) to intrude into my life. It's obvious they want this to happen because they have no regards or remorse for human life. They have murdered a billion to over 2 billion innocent people and don't care. We will Police this Internet anyway we want. You already know i made changes to this page a day ago. It didn't take whites long to respond. For a while my internet connection was without incident. However, they have resumed violating my internet connection which means we will now target Christians again. Dramatically intensify war against Christians that lived long before this time which is 2020. I will not tolerate criminal activity. They obviously don't care. I strongly advise leaders of non white nations to take extreme caution now! White leaders are constantly violating my computer! White leaders are going down the wrong road. You must consider "White Leaders A Threat To Humanity." Their actions tells me and you that white leaders refuse to prove to Native Americans, that whites are their brothers and sisters. China must increase what protection they have, to non white nations. China must also increase the number of Chinese Soldiers in extreme north China to defend China from the white threat to China's north. The warnings in Seven Fires Prophesy must be taken seriously. You are not to trust whites! They are constantly violating my internet connection now. It's getting worse. By worse, I'm referring to the frequency they violate my computer. They are not heeding my warnings! This is a message to non white entities far in the future (a thousand or so years from now or 2020), these internet premediated crimes I'm forced to endure and millions of other innocent people as well, are going to be policed. Send your soldiers to investigate where and what entity or entities that are responsible for violating innocent peoples computers. I know how they do it. All computers that access the internet are connected to several very large computers. From those large computers, they can violate innocent peoples computers by way of the internet. Find who they are and if they are in collaboration with entities from far in the future. Intensify laying complete waste to them, their families and their family trees. They must be severely punished. I know they won't stop their illegal activity which means many of their kinfolk will be killed for what they are doing. I strongly advise them to "Back Off." They have to behave themselves! Their illegal activity is killing many of their kinfolk and they don't know it! Their conduct is bothersome. They don't know what has happened over the past 3 years can't be changed and their interference in what I'm doing, will only help bring more revelations. They are trying to interfere and that must stop. They can't change what has already happened! They don't even know what that defines! Increase the number of your soldiers to combat them. They must behave themselves. Retaliating is not going to help their cause. I'm continuing on with my investigations and don't want to be bothered by them! Their conduct is making me extremely angry. I don't want to have to deal with criminal activity. As i told you, they won't stop! I've known for some time, that paintings from the renasainse are possibly the work of painters using the camera obscura. I've been saving these old paintings from 100's of years ago and they are interferring. It's my goal to make videos about the paintings which many look very realistic. They will be severely punished for interferring! They are also interferring with my index pages. Their conduct is childlike and degrading!

Anishinabe History

This website is intended to help educate Anishinabe People (aka Ojibway People) about our great history that whites are doing their utmost to rob from the mighty Native American. Unfortunately, a great majority of present day Anishinabe People, will accept a history that whites have fabricated for them. However, we have history books which were written in 19th century, which can help present day Anishinabe People, understand our great history. One is William W. Warren's 19th century book "History of the Ojibway People," while another is Peter Jones 19th century book History of the Ojebway Indians. Andrew Blackbirds 1887 book "History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan" is another! To understand those 19th century books, you must read Story of Atlantis. If you do not, you will not understand them. They will baffle you. Warren tells Anishinabe People that they lived along Missouri River indispersed among other native tribes. They ruled them. They warned those tribes about a coming invasion of whites, which is mentioned in Seven Fires Prophecy, which there is more information about below.

Who Are Anishinabe People (aka Ojibway People)?

Peter Jones tells Anishinabe People who they are. According to Peter Jones, these following groups of Anishinabe People spoke a same language or are Ojibway. They are these following: A-ben-a-ki; Al-gon-quin; Chip-pe-wa; Cree; Delaware (aka Len-ni Le-na-pe); Il-li-ni; In-nu; Kick-a-poo; Ma-hi-can (Jones called them Mo-he-gan); Ma-li-seet; Me-nom-in-ee; Mi-am-i; Mis-sis-sau-ga (Jones group); Mon-tag-nais; Mun-see; Na-ka-we; Nan-ti-coke; Nip-is-sing; No-quet; O-da-wah (Ot-ta-wa); O-ji-bwa; O-ji-bway; O-ji-bwe; Pas-sa-ma-quod-dy; Pen-ob-scot; Pot-a-wat-o-mi; Saul-teau (aka Saul-teaux - supposedly both are pronounced as So-to yet Soo-to is probably the correct pronunciation); Sauk and Shaw-nee. Jones claimed that when they came together, some of them at first had difficulties understanding each other but after a short while they were fully capable of speaking with each other. They were united in one nation as a result of Seven Fires Prophecy. They took those predictions seriously and it was, in fact, Seven Fires Prophecy which kept Anishinabe People united in one nation. Arapaho (aka Crow and Gros Ventre), Blackfoot and Cheyenne (they are Shawnee Ojibway's - Shaw-nee is derived from the Ojibway word for southerner which is Shaw-an) are among oldest of Anishinabe People. There are four Algonquian Tribes in California who are obviously Anishinabe. They are the Wappo, Wiyot, Yuki and Yurok. They are probably Anishinabek who have lived out west longest. If they are not, than Salish and Wakashan People are.

According to 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia, Athabascan People are Ojibway. They knew during those times (1830's), that Ojibway People came up from a southwestern location then western location later, and forced their way to Atlantic Oceans shores. They took control of land from Missouri River to Atlantic Ocean. They did not exterminate those tribes native to North America's eastern shores. They forced them to migrate west to North Mexico. That be Mexico before English whites brought North Mexico under their control. Today, that location or North Mexico, is now Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. After Ojibway People reached east of Lake Superior or St. Lawrence River, they sent large numbers of their soldiers and their families, north to Hudson Bay then to Beaufort Sea or Arctic Ocean. They gave rise to Chipewyan People, Copper People (aka Yellowknife People), Dogrib People and Cree People. It's evidence that Cree People must be listed as Athabascan. That be Beaver People. There are no Cree First Nations in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Chief Sagima sent many Ojibway Soldiers and their families to Hudson Bay and Beaufort Sea, to fight invading Eskimos and their white allies, in the 16th century.

There are other groups of Anishinabe People who have had their nationality stolen from them. They include Cherokee and all other Iroquois Tribes including Tuscaroras. Both Cherokee and Tuscarora, claimed they originally lived north. Cherokee claimed they originally lived near the Great Lakes. Shortly after whites invaded, Anishinabe ogimak sent large numbers of their soldiers southeast or what is now southeastern part of United States. They did so to defend Indian land. Southern Anishinabe People are Cherokee, Lumbee, Powhatan, and Tuscarora. Out west, many more Anishinabe People live but they have been robbed of their nationality. Caddoan Tribes are obviously Anishinabe. Click here to learn about them. All Colonies, Rancherias, and Reservations established after 1887 out west, are Anishinabe. Read Seven Fires Prophecy. In 1887, United States passed that illicit Dawes Act which eradicated huge Reservations in western part of United States. Afterwards, those Anishinabe People who continued to follow Seven Fires Prophecy, commenced an exodus which brought them to California and far north to Canada, Alaska and elsewhere.

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Origins of tribal names of Anishinabe, Anishinini, Chippewa, Ojibwa, Ojibway and Ojibwe

Your probably among those that believe Ojibwa means harmful. Your wrong! Old Ojibway Dictionaries are very helpful. Ojibway word for "before" are "nond," "Bwaa," "tchi bwaa," and "bwaa mashi." Of course, you already know "before" means "earlier," "first," "genuine," "original," "previously," "prior," exc. It was Ojibway Peoples way of telling whites, that Ojibway People were here first. Ojibway People may have used "bwaa" more frequently to name themselves. Adding their "n" plural to "bwaa" makes it "bwaan." It means "Originals." The added "n" followed by an "o" defines "People." So "As-sin-na Bwaan-oh," translated means Stony Originals People. And "As-sin-na Bwaan" translated means "Stony Originals." Using their "g" animate plural, it's "As-sin-na Bwaan-oag or As-sin-na Bwaan-oke." It means "Stony Originals Peoples." In Alberta and Montana, they named themselves "As-sin-na Bwaan." It means "Stony Originals" of course! Now Chippewa has it's origins in that same "before" word. However, they used "Tchi bwa" to identify with. You can obviously hear Chippewa in it. It's may also be our origin for "O-ji-bwa." It means "The Great Original." Though for an extremely long time they have used O-ji-bwa and O-ji-bway, it's genuine form is "O-ji-bwaan and O-ji-bwayn." They should be pronounced and written as "O Chi-bwaan-oh and O Ji-bwaan-oh." Placing an Ojibway animate "g" plural at ends of certain words meant to signify People, makes it mean "Peoples." William W. Warren wrote names of certain Ojibway People using a plural. So "O Chi-bwaan-oh" means "The Great Originals People" and "O Chi-bwaan-oag or O Chi-bwaan-oke" means "The Great Originals Peoples." You possibly think "O-ji Bway and O-ji Bwe" also mean Original People. It don't! Ojibway word for "truth" is "De-bwe-win." Their word for "heart" is "de" and they made frequent use of it. They excluded "de" and used only "bwe" to possibly name themselves "The Great True People." That is possibly what "O-ji Bwe" means. However, it should be pronounced and written as "O Chi-bwen-oh and O Ji-bwen-oh." Using their animate "g" plural to make it "peoples," it's "O Chi-Bwen-oag and O Chi-bwen-oke or O Ji-bwen-oag and O Ji-bwen-oke." The "oag" rhymes with "coke," "joke," "poke," ect. And you can use "O Chi-bwayn-oh and O Ji-bwayn-oh" also! Chipewyan is derived from "Tchi Bwa." Compared with Chippewa which does not have an "n" plural, Chipewyan is the correct pronunciation. Translated Chipewyan or Chippawan means "Great Originals." Adding an Ojibway animate "g" plural to "Chipewyan, makes it mean "Great Originals People." Thus, Chipewyan-oag or Chipewyan-oke." Then there's another pronunciation they used long ago. It's O-jib-be-way! Ojibway word for "Falls and Rapids" is "Ba-wi." I suspect "Ojib-be-we" means "The Great Falls." It's locative is "O jib Ba-wi'tig." To signify "People" it's "O Jib Ba-wi'o." The Great Falls People! Using their animate plural it's "O Jib Ba-wi'oag or O Jib Ba-wi'oke." The Great Falls Peoples!

As for "Anishinabe and Anishinini" both have a same meaning. We have to write them this way: A-nish i Na-be and A-nish i Ni-ni to decipher what each means. Ojibway word for "male" is "na-be." Ojibway word for man is "ni-ni." In some dialects it's "I-ni-ni." So we know "male or man" is in both words. Now we have to investigate what "A-nish" means. In Ojibway, their word for "why with an exclamation symbol and well" is "A-nish." Translated, both "A-nish-i-na-be and A-nish-i-ni-ni" mean "Shrewd Man." Somehow this name is yet in use. In fact, many Ojibway People rather use it than Ojibway. However, most Ojibway People rather use Ojibway because it deals with "truth." Try googling "Ojibway" and you'll be presented with "Ojibwe" instead. For ages they have written "Ojibway" as "Ojibway." Today, they almost always use "Ojibwe" online. They are not doing it because they know what it means. They are doing it to divert you.

Ojibway Totemic System

According to William W. Warren, the Ojibway Totemic System originated after 6 beings emerged from a Great Salt Lake (in Ojibway Language they name oceans Ki-tcha Gami which means Enormous Lake - in some dialects they possibly used Mi-tcha Gami) and provided them with their totemic system. The "tcha" is pronounced as you pronounce the "che" in cheek. You noticed i wrote "Great Salt Lake" instead of Great Salt Water as Warren wrote it. He or they, wrote it incorrectly. Using Great Salt Water does not make sense when naming either an ocean or lake! So Great Salt Lake is correct. Ojibway People were living in north Utah when this ancient event happened. It's possible that 6 beings emerged from Great Salt Lake but i doubt it! They used Terrorists Threats! After the Ojibway totemic system was utilized, it became highly organized. Six major totems were strictly used by Ojibway People. They are in this order:

Military & Police Nation (aka Min-nis-si-not Do-dim)
Trader Nation (aka O-dah-waat Do-dim)
Hunter Nation (aka Ga-os-sed Do-dim)
Fisher Nation (aka Gi-not Do-dim)
Farmer Nation (aka Kit-ti-gant Do-dim)
Education & Medicine Nation (aka Mid-det Do-dim)

Within each of these 6 major Ojibway Nations or Totems, were smaller totems affiliated with the major totem they were within. Each considered their totem to be a nation. They also used badges and symbols, to identify their nation or totem. Examples include the Bear was the badge for the Minissinot Dodim. The Canoe may have been the badge for the Odahwaat Dodim. A Birch Bark Scroll may have been the badge of the Middet Dodim. Largest Ojibway Nation or Totem was the Military & Police Nation or Totem. They made up nearly 1/6 to half the population of the Ojibway Nation. Most accounts claim 1/6. However, there were 6 major Ojibway Nations or Totems. Minnissinot Dodim probably made up about half the population of Ojibway Nation. Many small totems were within Minnissinot Nation. They took their nations name from animal predators. Highest one is Bear of course. Others include Bi-zhiw (pronounced Be-zhoo and possible orgins of the Ojibway greeting of Boo-zhoo) which means Cougar, Mountain Lion or Puma. Bi-zhiws (it's pronounced Be-zhoos) which means Bobcat & Lynx. Ma-i-gan? or Wolf. I placed the ? after Ma-i-gan because "i-gan" in Ojibway, represents something animated or created by humans. It's evidence Wolves were created by humans! Mig-gi-zi or Eagle. Gib-bwa-na-si or Hawk. Gi-ne-big or Snake. Mis-sa-ka-kwidj or Badger. Of course, there are many more. Members of each unique nation or totem within the Military & Police Nation or Totem, took their nations name to be their surname. They could not marry within their nation or totem. Ojibway Totemic Laws made certain by applying them with their nations name, to be their surnames. However, they could marry members of other nations or totems within the Military & Police Nation or Totem and members of the other 5 major Ojibway Totems. This law was strictly observed by all Ojibway Totems. Next in population was the Ojibway Trader Nation or O-dah-waat Do-dim. Whites named them Ottawa. They are not a distinct tribe. They are one of Ojibway Nations 6 major Nations or Totems. They caused Ojibway Nation much trouble. By far, O-dah-waat Nation had the most nations or totems of all 6 major Ojibway Nations or Totems. According to Warren, members of the Ojibway's Military and Police Nation or Totem, were ill tempered, fond of fighting and were almost constantly at war. Their enemies were other tribes, whites and Ojibway's that did not behave themselves. They had long coarse or thick hair, he described as the blackest of black hair. Their hair seldom became thin or gray in old age. Andrew Blackbird was amused by the difference between the Ottawa's and Ojibway's. He described Ojibway's as being much taller and broader at the shoulder than the Ottawa's and the Stockbridge People. It certainly meant Ojibway's kept to themselves as did the Ottawa's who caused Ojibway Nation much trouble. Warren wrote that within Ojibway Nation there was between 15 and 20 totems. That's incorrect! Within O-dah-waat Do-dim they had dozens of totems. Same for Min-nis-si-not Nation or Totem.

Uto-Aztecan Language (Shoshonean) Family

These people are obviously partially Anishinabe and non Anishinabe Indian. When their first diaspora occurred around 1,500 years ago to over 2,000 years ago, Anishinabe Soldiers split up into three groups. One went northwest to Alaska then Asia. Another went straight westward. Then another went southwest. I will focus on groups of Anishinabe Soldiers and their families, who went straight west and southwest. They forced their way to Pacific Oceans Coastline. They also forced their way down into what are now Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Other States they brought under their control include California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. They then also forced all of Mexico, Central America, and western South America under their control. To learn about these people who are an admixture of Anishinabe and Uto, click here. Andrew Blackbird was very aware that Ojibway was spoken extensively among Shoshone People which means Shoshone People are Ojibway. Shoshone People are the northern most speakers of the Uto-Aztecan Language Family which was originally known as the Mexican-Opata Language Family. Included as Shoshone are Cahuilla People including Cupeno People, Gabrielino People, Juaneno People, Luiseno People and Serrano People. All live in southern California. Their district extended from what is now Los Angeles east to near Colorado River. Bannock People, Chemehuevi People, Comanche People, Kawaiisu People, Mono People, Paiute People and Ute People are also Shoshone. And Hopi People are also Shoshone. In Mexico, Ojibway Soldiers subjugated many tribes and mixed Ojibway culture and language with their subjects cultures and languages. Most numerous Ojibway's of Mexico are either Aztecs or the Maya. Although Maya Language is not considered a part of the Mexican-Opata Language Family, their name (Maya) indicates they are Ojibway. The Ojibway word for Peninsula is "Ma-ya-mi." Ojibway's named Florida "Ma-ya-mi" because they knew it was a Peninsula. They named Ojibway's living there "Ma-ya-mid." Translated Ma-ya-mid means "Peninsular" or a person that lives on a Peninsula. Now to use Peninsula People, they use "Ma-ya-mi-yo."

Algonquian-Salishan-Wakashan Language Family

They refer to Algonquian-Salishan-Wakashan Language relationship, as being an Algonquian-Wakashan Language Family. Salishan and Wakashan Indians, are obviously partially Anishinabe. Anishinabek at all locations out west, have been forced by whites to lose their tribal identity. Anishinabe Soldiers subjugated most (not all) of these western Indian Tribes, around 1,500 years ago to over 2,000 years ago. Wakashan could be more closely related to Ojibway than Salish. However, Salish extent is much further east which is indicative of it being more Ojibway than non Ojibway. There could be some Chinese, Filipino and Polynesian influence in these languages, especially along Pacific Oceans Coast.


Where are those Indian Nations who once lived along Atlantic Oceans eastern coast? They are Mexicans who live in United States and also in northern Mexico. Following prophecy, Anishinabe Soldiers forced those Indian Nations who once lived along Atlantic Oceans eastern coast, to migrate elsewhere. Most probably fled to South America but many fled to Mexico and Central America. Many fled to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Colorado. Today, they are Mexicans who live in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. They are quite numerous. They have been robbed of their nationality by whites and will never accept being a Native American who originally lived in United States.

Anishinabe Language

By far, Cree dialect of Anishinabe, has most speakers (around 100,000). Next are these: Ojibwe with 28,825; North Ojibwe or Severn Ojibwe (aka Oji-Cree) with 13,630; Algonquin with 1,660; Ottawa with 601; Potawatomi with ?; Western Ojibwe or Nakawe (aka Saulteaux) with an unknown number of speakers. Anishinabe Language is dying out. You can't learn how to speak Ojibway because whites have corrupted this language so disgracefully. You can try and learn Ojibway yet you'll quickly find out you can't or what's presented is not learnable! We know Ojibway Language was Monosyllabic and was considered one of earths most perfect languages. Today, it's one of earths most imperfect languages! Of the 150,000 or so that speak Ojibway, only a few thousand actually are fluent in Ojibway. In the United States, the number of Ojibway People that are fluent in Ojibway Language are very few. Possibly around 1,000 or so. Most only know a few Ojibway words. They try learning Ojibway Language yet quickly learn they can't. It's a violated language!


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